This is one of the values that i had to learn the hard way when i bgan my internship at Radio Africa. i happened to brush shoulders with the likes of The editor in chief of the star newspaper, Mr.Kerich. Truly the experience is not fun at all, you have to wait for your supervisor … More finally!


“Oh dear me, i can’t believe we’ve been married for 5 years and our love has gone down the drain! i feel trapped in the closet. i can’t get out, no! but i want out.Truth is, i don’t love her any more and its completely obvious that we have grown apart,” Tom, dressing his countenance … More THE COVENANT


Ignorance is no defense. we are in 2016, my pals continuously drum it in my head. Look to your right, left, up and down, and there it is, information. It is drummed in our brains from schools, places of work, restaurants, theaters, friends and foes, the internet and our beloved folks at home. Name it! … More THE INFORMATION AGE


Is it possible for us to talk? is it possible for us to try and treat each other with civility? is it possible for us both to view each other without reference to the local, negative stereotypes of each other? is it possible not to call each other names and be tolerant of each others … More IS IT POSSIBLE?